About The Mythic Chess Set Tome of Lore

Telling stories is an author's way of shaping the world, and Georgia Z has been creating her own universe since the age when she decided that comic books were more interesting than real life. But if a picture also tells a tale, then she has been creating stories through sketches for even longer than that.

In college, majoring in English provided ample opportunity to read and to study the writings of others. It was then, deep in the midst of Arthurian and fantasy fiction, sometime between reading Twelfth Night and watching Labyrinth, that the original idea for "The Mythic Chess Set" began.

However, in order to get a steady job she turned to the field of biomedical science and was surprised to discover that she actually enjoyed working at a laboratory bench. Now she lives and works in the greater Boston area, writes as a hobby, and goes out dancing with her husband whenever possible. She has authored one previous self-published novel, several short stories, and is now creator/game-mistress to the whole new trans-apocalyptic world you'll find here in "The Mythic Chess Set."


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