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What is The Mythic Chess Set?

The Mythic Chess Set is a trilogy of stories written by Georgia Z. They will be presented here at as a web serial -- one page at a time, three times a week.
Other potential FAQ are addressed below the following synopses of the three books:

Book I - The Myth Prosaic

Charles is a computer-smart college graduate in the not-distant future. Continued survival depends on either finding scarce employment within the walled cities or enlisting to fight in the never-ending war. The only other option is to venture beyond the safety of the city walls and join the disenfranchised in the overgrown remains of civilization past.

His free time is spent playing a character in a fantasy role-playing game: a master thief named Chess. The game, transmitted by the underground guild Lodestar, offers entertainment outside the government-approved, corporate-dominated channels. But only for those who can navigate the technology to find it.

Feeling like an outsider within the walls of civ and wary of his prospects for the future, he decides to leave - entering a world where the line between reality and the character he role-plays begins to blur. Soon, the power of imagined stories begins to shape the dangerous land he travels, as he outwits villains, unravels a mystery, and discovers allies, friends, and lovers during his quest for a place to belong.

Book II - The Myth Heroic (to be released 2015)

Chess the thief has become Chess the storyteller and wanderer. Traveling through the villages that sit outside civilization, he shares knowledge and brings hope through stories. But, as time goes on, even the stories he tells cannot match the epic tales that others spread about him.

Chess's home is becoming a community of outsiders drawn by a clandestine patchwork of communications and the stories of his adventures. He has gained much experience while roaming far from there. But now strange events make him question if there is a supernatural being set on vengeance against him… or has the voice in his head somehow become real?

Meanwhile, with the help of new friends and old, Chess takes on a formidable mission that might give the world just one tiny sign of hope. Could he be the hero so many stories claim he is?

Book III - The Myth Transcendant (release date TBD)

Chess’s journeys through the anarchic wilderness are fraught with danger. But those dangers are trivial compared to the risks faced by his allies, who try to work within the systems of civilization to create change.
Now, the world that Chess has helped to shape is threatened by treachery. The network of dissidents risks exposure. In his struggle to maintain the safety of his family and friends, and to preserve all that he holds dear, Chess faces the possibility that the story he has lived could come to an end. Will all be destroyed… or will hope prevail in the power of the myths that endure?


Q - When do you update the site?
A - Three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Should there ever be a delay, expect us to post as many pages as we've missed.

Q - Why post page by page instead of all at once?
A - For one thing, as much as the story is about a journey, so also is this venture; and we want readers to be a part of it. We've set up a means for readers to interact with us page by page, to offer thoughts, opinions, and share with one another because that also is in many ways a crucial part of the story, as you may discover the more you read.

Q - Can I buy the book in hard copy or in a digital format?
A - The short answer is "no." That said, if we see there is enough interest to warrant that kind of investment, we may. No hard promise on that for now. We'll have to wait and see.
For now, hopefully we've made it easy enough to read via any number of internet-accessible media you might use.

Q - I have kids...
A - Parental Discretion is Advised. While the Mythic Chess Set is by no means vulgar or overtly anything offensive, we can't know what content you would choose for your children to not see.

Q - SeeDarkly?
A - I CORINTHIANS 13:12 states, "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." 
While we are not "religious" by any standard, somewhere in that verse lies an answer.

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