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Interlude V

End Part 5
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The lunatic is in the hall, The lunatics are in my hall
The paper holds their folded faces to the floor, And every day the paper boy brings more
- Brain Damage by Pink Floyd

         Weíve come to the end of Section 5. So itís about time I mentioned this...
         Early on in blogs, I talked about the discordance that I experienced while concurrently reading books written by a well-known socialist (Nehru), an economic capitalist (Thomas Friedman) and a definitely anti-socialist, perhaps capitalist-leaning revolutionary (Havel). Each author had a fairly idealistic world view -- or perhaps their mindsets are better described as world hopes.
         My characters, I admit, were just a tiny bit based on this dichotomy. Both Ileana and Sariel are fairly idealistic. But Sariel is more of a socialist, believing that everyone should be taken care of and that people should sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Ileana is definitely my revolutionary, speaking the language of dissidents. At some point during writing the story, I sort of imagined them as their icons: Nehru and Havel... sneaking off together into the shadows beyond the campfire. I like to think that satiric playright Havel might have gotten a good laugh from that idea. I am not so sure about professor Nehru. No, not sure at all.
         In addition, I donít think Havel would be happy playing a character that seems to be lawful neutral. Heíd probably rather assume Nehruís chaotic good. Sigh. I guess they are completely figments of my imagination, after all.)



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